Another fantastic use for Apple Cider Vinegar - for Women Only

If you are a guy... I am warning you... retreat!

There, you had a chance.

I am 44 (almost 45). One problem I have had most of my life is heavy menstural cycles (I have endometriosis). As I have gotten older, they have gotten even worse (if that is possible).

I panicked when out of the blue, my Aunt Flo decided to visit early, which meant she was visiting while I went to our church's girls camp. We camp with over 250 girls for a week. So I googled! (see a pattern in my life? Google can fix anything haha).

The answer... apple cider vinegar (I got mine at Trader Joes).

Take 1 tablespoon of organic, non-filtered apple cider vinegar in the morning and in the evening in a glass diluted with water (yes it tastes terrible), then wash it down with some more water after. It will make a HUGE difference. I have tried prescription drugs which didn't even touch the problem. I started doing the ACV the morning  Auntie came to town and it was pretty amazing. I read it is also great for the digestive system and many people take a tablespoon a day anyways. To get the full benefit of helping you through "that time of the month" continue to take it when you are off cycle.

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