Cello Camp

What kind of mother makes her daughter go to Cello camp during the summer? Yep me, that's what kind (insert evil laugh here)

I will say that it is not easy task hauling your cello, bow, stand and music around. And the fact she was the youngest kid in the cello group by several years could also be daunting. But it was a very cool experience. I guess it wasn't so much a cello camp as it was an orchestra which broke up into their instrument groups to practice. The theme was "The good, the bad and the ugly". At the end of the week, they all played together and put on a show for us. It was actually pretty good. This was in conjunction with the Maple Valley Youth Orchestra. The people who ran it were fantastic.

The first day Sidney came home and I asked her what she learned. Her answer... "I learned how to fake play". Then she proceeded to sit down and show me how to run the bow across the strings without making a sound. She was pretty happy with herself. So the next day I took her back and we talked to the cello instructor who took some one on one time with her so she wouldn't have to "fake play" anymore. I will say, she is resourceful.

If you are interested, she had her picture on the webpage for The Reported which served Covington, Black Diamond and Maple Valley. Read about it HERE.

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