Wedding Plans!

It is true! We have a son that is engaged. And might I add that he picked a winner. When you get to the point in your life that you know it is only a matter of time before one of your kids finds a spouse, you start to worry. Will they pick someone who will be good and supportive? Will they mesh with our family? Will all of us in-laws get a long? Will they improve the gene pool of our family? haha. Just kidding on the last one... kind of ;)

My answer to all of these is yes, yes, yes and YES! 

It was about the time he went back to school that he realized how much he really cared about this girl he had been dating. By they time Thanksgiving was rolling around he knew that would be the perfect time to propose. But she was curious and knew something was up, so surprise was our friend. Coty driving back from college with some friends and told Emma (yes that is her name) that he would be in late that evening. She later claimed he lied and she can't believe that he "lied" to her. It was all necessary though to pull this off. Emma helps coach the Bonney Lake High School girls basketball team. So she went there thinking Coty would be in about 8pm. Thanks to some help from her parents, we snuck into the high school, with the whole entourage, and as soon as practice was coming to an end, Coty walked into the gym, dropped down on one knee and asked her to marry him. She was really surprised. SUCCESS!!!

Notice that she never dropped the basketball.... not at all. She is a basketball player at heart! A perfect match for my basketball loving son. We love Emma for so many reasons, she is smart, kind, a hard worker and most of all, my son loves her.

March 9th is the wedding. We are in full throws of planning. Thankfully Emma and her mother are very organized and keeping us all lined out. It has been a great joy meeting their family and knowing that Coty will be cared for as much there as we love him here.

Congrats Coty and Emma! We love you both!


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