Coty and Emma are married

On a brighter note... my son Coty got married back in March. There were some ups and downs involved. Think stomach flu running rampant the week prior to the wedding. We knew it was making its way through the family, so when I woke up Monday morning with my 10 year old throwing up, I thought... oh crude... we are dead. I tried to keep her confined to my bedroom. We shipped Coty over to my mom's house until the wedding. I ran around with disinfectant spraying everything and everyone. We had a few others get it, but had it all under control by the wedding. Whew!

Funny thing is that Coty ended up getting it right after the wedding (they had 3 days before they left on their honeymoon) and I guess Emma got a touch of it on their honeymoon. The one good thing is that it hits hard and quick and then is gone. So while it wasn't something we were happy about, it could have been a lot worse.

We love, love, love, Emma and her family. They were so organized in putting the reception together and so much fun to work with. Emma's mother is a powerhouse who has more energy in her little pinky than I have in my whole body. We have loved getting to know them and are glad that Coty made such a wonderful choice.

Here are some pictures of their wedding.

They are off now to BYU Idaho. Coty is hoping to be accepted into the Physical Therapy program at ISU in a few years and Emma is going for a Nursing degree. That is in between playing basketball. They are doing great, and even though we miss them a lot, are very proud of them.

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Mommagunn said...

We think your family is pretty amazing as well and are so pleased that Emma has such wonderful people added to her "family"!