A tempting life to live

I don't know if it is the fact we are getting older, or if things have just changed so much that we need a change. My husband periodically sneaks away to his parents place in Montana, where the closest neighbor is miles away. Where a herd of elk will come out of the mountains just as dusk is setting and eat 100 feet off the front porch. The sun usually shines and work doesn't consist of mental stress, but of physical work fixing fences, herding cows, building corrals and fun is fishing in the stream behind the house.

We both have felt a draw for a simpler life. There are a few blogs that I have found that I love reading and envy the people who write them.

They use to live in Chicago, but where her husband lost his job, the put everything in storage and moved to Kaui for one year. What an adventure and I admire their guts to throw all fears aside and live a slower life. Love her kids are now entering surfing competitions. They learn the hula at school and she has even taken a "boot camp" class from Gabrielle Reece.

Next is Longest Acres.

After much wandering and many life experiences, this couple ended up renting a small barn apartment and the large dairy barn for the animals they have collected. It also included 250 acres of "mountain top sweetness" as she calls it. They raise cows, chickens, dogs, goats, pigs, grow a garden and cook lovely farm food.

As you scroll through the pictures, it makes me realize that I could really love this type of life. A lot of work, sure, but every day you see the benefit of what you do. No more racing to and fro attempting to please the masses.

Finally, Fig and Fauna

This couple own 3.5 acres in Florida. They sold their suburban home and moved out here to share their land with chickens, cows, dairy goats, rabbits, bees and dogs. She also does a lot of fresh farm cooking, such as making her own cheese and creating recipes from their own grown foods. 

I keep telling Mark we need a 5 year plan to slowly step away from all our "responsibilities" and find a more relaxing life. The reality is, that no matter how much you do, people want more. Stress is an everyday reality, and the more I have read while working on Courtney's diet, I have become a believer in producing as much of your own food as you can. That way you REALLY now what is in it. 

Will it happen? Who knows. But it definitely is a wonderful thing to think about as I fall asleep at night. 

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