I didn't shower alone

I knew that title would peak your interest. :)

I have been asked several times over the last month when I was going to start posting on my blog. Due to a lot of stressful situations that have taken place, I decided to take a break as apposed to let my sour attitude speak through my blog. But I am happy to say that I am beginning to find some peace. Life will never be the same, and at some point I may, or may not share a few of those things, but until then, I would like to share some fun and crazy things that go on.

And back to the title!

It was a crazy morning. One of those where you aren't able to hit the shower until later... much later. By the time I found the time I was looking forward to just washing the morning frustrations away with the warm hot water. I turned the shower on so it could heat up, the hopped in, closed my eyes, tilted my head back so I could wet my hair. After a few moments of letting the water relax me, I opened my eyes to this on the wall..... right up...... by...... the ceiling...

So do I jump out of the shower, attempt to swat it down while dancing around buck naked. Run around the house in a towel to get the vacuum and suck it up? I honestly was to darn worn out. I have a deathly fear of mice/rats. Spiders are not a favorite, but I thought I could deal with it and finish my shower. So the whole time I am washing my hair all the while keeping my eyes open to make sure he didn't move. Then I got soap in one of my eyes. So squinting, washing my hair and keeping my good eye on the spider became a bit more tricky. Then I attempted to shave my legs while looking up... it was a no go. So I would quickly look down, shave shave shave, look up and make sure he hadn't moved. The whole time I was looking down I kept thinking how freaked out I would be if I felt something fall on the back of my neck. Shave shave shave... hurry and look up. I don't think he move at all the whole time, but I wear glasses normally, so he could have moved a foot and I probably wouldn't have known it. I finally jumped out of the shower, got dressed, brushed my wet hair so I didn't have to deal with some crazy hairdo all day and was ready to go back in and attack the beast only to find... he was no longer there. Oh crap! So somewhere in our bedroom roams a giant, long legged hairy spider, waiting for me to sleep so he can come drink the liquid from my eyeballs. 

Okay, that may be a myth, but did you know that you have eyelash mites that live in the hair folicles of your face. They are so small you never notice them. 

And myth my tush... one night I turned off the light and hopped in bed. Was resting comfortably on my pillow when one of my kids needed something. So I hopped up, turned on the light, took care of the issue and was headed back to bed only to find a GIANT and I do mean GIANT (think 2 1/2 - 3 inches with its legs squashed out) on my pillow  still wiggling every so slightly because my head had smashed it. If I had not gotten up to attend to my kids need, I would have slept on it all night.  Yeesh!

BTW - the spider in the picture is about 2 inches from leg tip to leg tip. I did check out the size with my glasses on.

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