State National History Day with Courtney

We had a great time last Saturday when Courtney and her friend Nicole took their exhibit to the Washington National History day which was held at the University of Washington. No, we didn't even place in the top 6 and after grumbling that perhaps it was because we did something based on a religion, The Mormon/Missouri War,we got thinking that perhaps we didn't "prove" the whole compromise portion of the contest. Was it really a compromise to be forced to sign a treaty driving you out of your land because of your religion. Maybe it was a little of both. We each got 18 dollar food cards to use in the cafeteria which was fun. In fact at the end of the day Courtney still had 9 dollars on hers and ended up buying 5 "fuze" drinks to take home so we didnt' wast her money. We also enjoyed walking around looking at other exhibits. So while we were disappointed it has motivated us for next year. We have learned a lot and plan on winning something next year. Nicole and Courtney also have decided that they will each do individual exhibits to try something different.

So, do you have any recommendations? The theme for next year is "Individual in History". That leaves the door pretty well open. We would like to choose someone that most people wouldn't think of but would be fun to research. It would also be nice to find a person that would have a lot of primary resources. We also are trying to think of interesting ways to display our exhibit - such as Sacajawea and doing the exhibit as a half but standing on end so that you can look into and see the information. If anyone has any brilliant ideas, we will be choosing at the end of summer.

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Steff said...

I wish I had a good recommendation but I is not that smart. :) I'm impressed that she made it state. Not that I don't think she's good enough...but because I think state is impressive! I'm sure she will rock it next year, especially with your help and support. Way to go Courtney!