25th Class Reunion

Last weekend was my 25th class reunion. I guess you can figure that I am turning 44 this year. Actually in approximately 4 days. YIKES! It is funny, because mentally I am in my 20's, then I look in the mirror and the myth is dispelled.

I had some friends ask me if I was going or not. I was tempted until I found out my husband was going to be out of town, and I am not one to go solo to meet people I haven't seen in 25 years. Here are the brave ones who did represent us at the homecoming football game. The sweatshirts were really cool. I do wish I would have ordered one.

I had considered hanging out in the parking lot with my binoculars, checking everyone out as they went into the party. Or, if I got there early enough, I could have rented one of these vans with the rear view camera and checked people out like this lady does.

My favorite comment... "He smells like almonds... but not in a good way".
If you like that one, you should watch this one too. But beware! It is catchy and you will be singing it all day.

Who knew you could be cool driving a mini van.

Well, I may have missed my 25th class reunion, but I guess there is always my 30th.

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