Pumpkin Shortage!!!

I was at a bread baking class, it is actually one my mom does where you can have 4 loaves coming out of the oven in under an hour, when the discussion of the pumpkin shortage came up. I guess last year there was to much rain, and this year because of the weather, the growing season was very short. I know this personally, because we have been having a pumpkin growing contest with my husband's side of the family and our pumpkins are doing their best, but it has been a struggle.

My mother said to go get your pumpkin now. I guess Costco has a contract with the pumpkin distributors and get first dibs on distribution. So Saturday my daughter and I headed over to Costco to get our canned pumpkin to make a delicous pumpkin cream cheese dip and gingersnap cookies (the recipe can be found HERE).

While headed into Costco, I thought it would hysterical to periodically bring up in a semi-loud, converstional tone how there was a pumpkin shortage and see how many people would pay attention. If nothing else, it was also another great opportunity to embarrass my 15 year old daughter.

So as we were walking around, every once in a while I would turn to my daughter and say "I heard there is going to be a huge pumpkin shortage this year!" or "We need to our canned pumpkin today, because I heard there is a shortage!". I definitely saw a couple of ladies heads perk up and look at me. Then at the checkout I said to my daughter "I am so glad we got our pumpkin with the shortage!". The cashier then started asking questions and of course my teenage daughter with the poker face started laughing. As we headed out I had to chastise her and tell her no one is going to believe us if she busts out laughing. But we had a fun time and are still chuckling over it.

I guess last year when there was a pumpkin shortage, people were selling it on ebay for some crazy prices, plus shipping. I have seen that there is still some of that going on... and we have only hit the first part of October. Here are a few completed sales....

4 – 15oz cans $36.00 plus $14.20 shipping
3 – 15oz cans $12.99 plus $12.00 shipping
9 – 15oz cans 39.99 plus $15.00 shipping

So long story short, and I am not messing with you, go get your pumpkin at Costco now. Don't wait until Thanksgiving. Besides you will want to try my pumpkin dip recipe. When at Costco, I asked my daughter if we could find the forklift guy and ask him if a pallet of canned pumpkin would fit in my BMW trunk.

One more thing, since we are talking about pumpkin.... has anyone seen these yet? What a wonderful idea. We will definitely be trying these out.


Kristin said...

Purchased pumpkin today, there will be no shortage of pumpkin at this Thomas house. Pumpkin and spice kisses, umm I'm not so sure about those!

Tfamily said...

We tried the pumpkin kisses and even Mark said they were good. They are at Target with caramel apple ones. The caramel apple ones are good too. Mark said he wished there was more caramel apple and less chocolate. Who would have thought a "Thomas" would want less chocolate haha.